Morocco Earthquake

Be a lifeline – Sponsor an earthquake victim

In the wake of the tragic earthquake that affected Morocco on the evening of September 8, 2023, we are reaching out to you with a heartfelt appeal for your support in our mission to provide essential relief to the victims of the recent devastating earthquake in the Atlas mountains. Together we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who are struggling to rebuild their communities.

The aftermath of this natural disaster has been catastrophic with homes reduced to rubbles, livelihoods shattered and communities left in despair.

Our relief effort, Atlas United, is committed to making a long term impact by sponsoring each affected person with $200 per month for an entire year. Our initial target is to raise $96,000, which will enable us to sponsor 40 individuals.

Our efforts begin in Ouirgane, a village we know well, heavily impacted by this disaster and we aim to extend our assistance to further areas with your support and solidarity. We are partnering with hotel Olinto for this effort.

Our team is already on-site, actively involved in relief efforts. We are committed to complete transparency, ensuring that all financial contributions are used to make a substantial positive impact in the lives of those affected by this tragedy.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate: Your contribution, no matter the size, will go directly towards sponsoring earthquake survivors. Your generous donation of $200 per month for a year can directly support one individual, making a profound impact on their recovery journey.
  • Spread the Word: Share our mission with your friends, family, and social networks. The more people who know about our efforts, the greater our collective impact can be.
  • Volunteer: If you have the time and skills to offer, consider volunteering with us. We need passionate individuals like you to help organize relief efforts, raise awareness, and provide essential support on the ground.
  • Corporate Partnerships: If you represent a company, consider partnering with us in our relief efforts. Corporate partnerships can make a significant impact and provide much-needed resources to those in need.

Every dollar raised will bring us one step closer to our initial goal of providing sustained relief for earthquake survivors. We believe in transparency and accountability, and we will keep you updated on the progress and impact of your contributions.


Our first recipient is Habiba, pictured above, who has lost 8 family members, including her 7 year old son who has not been pulled from the rubble yet. Pictures of Habiba’s lost home will be posted here shortly.

This fundraiser is led by Salim Elkhou, founder of AI company Onna that provides a product to some of the best brands in the world. In collaboration with Ismael Alaoui, co-founder of Onna and Leila Ezzaini who works at GE aviation. Salim is currently onsite.